Founded by seasoned entrepreneur Oliver Ghadoushi in Los Angeles, the essence of Access TV is to accentuate on the genuine, untold stories and journeys behind the success of world-class and industry-leading innovators, visionaries, and pioneers. Centered around intellectual thought leaders and those beyond the limelight, Access TV offers listeners an unparalleled perspective of why and how they think the way they do. With a reputable and notable track record of working with distinguished individuals for over a decade, Access TV unlocks each guest’s mind in a way it has not been before – powered by figures at the forefront of shaping the entertainment, media, technology, and hospitality industries today.

Listeners can extract invaluable strategies, tools, tactics, professional, and personal career advice through intriguing conversation with top performers across a variety of disciplines. Stay connected and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform, and we look forward to hearing who’s mind you think we should unlock next.